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    Electric Decoration
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Stage Lighting




Long powered LED means we can easily use now a comical and bright things that used on some television, in cinemas shows, live music show and communal shows.

  • It is Light in weight and easily portable.
  • It has high brightness.
  • Low heat Radiation.
  • Low power consumption.
  • It has many color effects such as- red, green; blue together gives a different combination.



Automated or moving Lights-

These lights are commonly used in theatre. They can change their color. Some Automated lights are used by GPS technology now days.


Ellipsoidal Reflector spotlight-


Commonly known as ellipsoidal. This light gives more focus then Fresnel. It uses gobos to create designs and patterns of light.




It is a soft-edge spotlight which spread beam light. The layered concentric ring on lens reduces the amount of glass needed to spread the lights.


Double LED Ball light-

The demand offered for ball lights is increasing with a speed and quality accepted by standards. Manufactures of this light are of premium quality and raw material which is used that is used to check prior to usage.

It has attractive design with High illumination and it is less energy consumption and has a longer service life.

Alfa Beam 300 moving Head-

These moving head are available according to needs of our customers. We assure to our customer for quick and fast delivery. Because of its High performance and long working life along with battery efficiency customer demands are increasing day by day.


RG Beam Laser light-

It has a laser power with control sound, Auto, DMX and has a scanning motor.


LED Dance Floor Light-

Our LED dance floor light is widely appreciated for its long life and high performance. It is developed in tandem with international quality and high quality of raw material. It has an excellent performance with high functionality and robust construction.

Halogen Beam Par Can Light Par 64 1000W Beam lamp light-

JIA top quality par 64 beam with over 1250w sharp and crisp output. Equipped by changeable inner lamp which reduces ownership per light cost greatly.

Lighting Accessories

Par Can Gel Filter-

These products are manufactured by full dedication under the guidance of our experts. It is available in 16 colors; all the colors have been chosen in order to suit any type of customer’s requirements. It is energy efficient and easily portable and has a high performance.