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A part from all lighting services, Payal stage services is also known for truss setup for all kinds of events, for being your fixedness, creative and full service partner. Our trusses are high quality and dependable, whether you’re programmed is indoors or opens air, whether it is for live stages, theatres or mobile applications. We carry largest variety of trussing equipments. Payal stage services should be whenever your event is.
Truss and trussing rentals is the highest provider of box truss, triangle truss in India. We provide professional trussing for stages, lighting, marathons, signage, banners and sponsors. These truss systems are mainly used in industries including festivals, marathons and more. We rent trussing system and box truss system for customers in India.


It creates strong and lightweight structures with this alterable building display system. This modular event banner system can walk together to form any shape and arrangement. Event Truss can be used to create any indoors or outdoor structure you can imagine.

It is available in collective lengths and eight different connectors. All event trusses are made from light weight aluminum. Yet offer high power and easy assembly.


These are designed as light duty truss systems with a mainly decorative function. These are mostly used in the display, exhibition, interior decoration and architectural design markets.

The product has to look proper and clean in its decorative function, but has to be very bendable, when part of a composite structure at the same time. The close lightweight construction and the high tech looks make these truss an appropriate decorative element with abundant applications.


This circular truss is manufactured with a high degree of correctness ensuring a correct fit with no deformity. The guarantees that each segment of a circle can be seated at any position or can be replaced with new part. Circular manufactured in different diameters or degree.


Heavy duty truss system use in the rental, stage building, and event exhibition markets.  This makes heavy duty truss the eventual truss for structures with heavy load bearing demands and large frequency usage.